Legal Areas

When we deal with an urgent case, we not only valuate the lawyer’s skills and specialization, but mainly the case promptness and progress. This is the corporate identity of our law offices.

Private International Law

We fulfill all your or your enterprise international needs:

– International contracts

– International negotiations

– Legal representation in civil and criminal matters.

Criminal Law

We provide the answer to all international criminal law in several countries.

Furthermore, we are lawyers admitted to practice before the International Criminal Court in The Hague (Netherlands), and specialized in the following crimes: Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression.


We offer full legal advice on estates, national or international, especially:

– Issues regarding assets in two or more countries

– Genealogical investigation (family tree)

– Inheritance partition

– Wills

Family Law and Divorces

Family Law sets the bases for legal relations among relatives, marriage, inheritances, parentage or those connected to tutelage or protection. The complexity of the legal situation in this area suggests searching specialized and expert lawyers. We offer our legal representation in both judicial and extrajudicial areas.